Brisbane Institute of Strengths Based Practice


2019 - Present

President and Foundation Professor Venkat Pulla

Training and Research Faculty

Associate Professor Abraham Francis, James Cook University

Dr Anne Riggs, Melbourne

Pamela Trotman, Norther Territory

Rebecca Binyon, Brisbane

Palani Thevar, Social Work Practitioner, Brisbane 

Prof. Sanjai Bhatt, Delhi University, 

B.R Nikku,  Assistant Professor, Thomson River University, Canada

Dr Mary Angeline, Professor of Social Work and Principal, Nazareth College of Arts and Science, Chennai

Dr Rituparna BhattacharyyaEditor-in-chief (joint) of the journal Space and Culture, India. New Castle, the UK 

Conferences and Training Asia Pacific 2023-2024

Sub Committee:

 Associate Professor Abraham Francis, James Cook University 

Dr Kalpana Goel, UniSA

Dr Samatha Vashist, Dubai and Pune 

Dr Anne Riggs, Melbourne

Pamela Trotman, Norther Territory

Rebecca Binyon, Brisbane

Prof. Sanjai Bhatt, Delhi University, Associate  Professor

B.R Nikku, Thomson River University, Canada

Dr Mary Angeline, Chennai, India 

Professor. Keshav Walke, MSS Institute of Social Work, Nagpur, India 

Dr Rituparna Bhattacharyya, New Castle, UK.   

Dr Nisha Rao, Brisbane 

Research and Management  Associates: 

Neha Rao, Brisbane 

Rachel Lafain, BSW, CSU.

Elizabeth Carter,  MSW, ACU, Australia, Brisbane

Dr Prema Jyothi, School of Social Work, St Joseph’s  University

Srinivas Goud Survi, Development  Policy Consultant, Telangana 


Conference Manager – Dragan Bombek 

Events Logistics: Good Universe  2023 India Conference 

Graphic and digital design – Libero Publishing 

Facilitators of the Conferences – Professor  Keshav Walke, Nagpur, Palani Thevar, Brisbane


We are a leading training provider within the framework of ANZSIC Code – 8101 Technical and Vocational Education and Training  N.E.C.  

Within the framework of the Australian and New Zealand Standard Industry Classification (ANZSIC) Code – 8101, the term “training provider” refers to businesses or organizations primarily engaged in providing education and training services. ANZSIC Code 8101 falls under the “Education and Training” industry group and includes a range of training and educational services.

The Brisbane Institute does not provide undergraduate or postgraduate teaching.  


Our much-loved consultant, colleague and author of “The Strengths Approach” passed away, yet his work lives on.

Wayne McCashen (also known as Wayne McCashin) was an Australian social worker and community development practitioner known for his work in the field of strengths-based practice.

He authored the book “Communities of Hope: A Strengths-Based Resource for Building Community”, which has been widely recognized as a valuable resource for those working in community development.

The book “Communities of Hope” explores the principles and practical applications of strengths-based approaches to community building. It emphasizes the importance of recognizing and mobilizing the assets and strengths within communities to foster positive change and sustainable development.

The book has been influential in promoting the concept of building on community strengths and resources to address challenges and promote well-being.

Wayne developed the Brisbane Institute’s formative group throughout a two-day residential programme.

We will remember his approach for many years to come.